About us

‘A missing paradigm’

POW Logo revised versionThis network aims to bring together the increasing number of researchers studying prisoners of war or dislocated populations in conflict situations. Based across two institutions (York St John University and the University of Bristol), we hope that this network will further the study of a subject which, to take up the words of Heather Jones, still constitutes a ‘missing paradigm’.

The network is bilingual (English and French) and consists of over 60 PhD students, early career researchers and academics in Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. The network is interdisciplinary and intends to show into relief an exciting range of methodologies: archaeology, musicology, studies of the Literature of the Self, etc. We circulate news items via regular emails, including conferences, research groups and publications. We encourage members to use this network as a platform to organise conferences, seminars or publications.

This website serves as a first point of call for the network members, who will be able to present their own research and contact other researchers through the members page . We encourage the members to submit a brief research profile using the form available in the members’ page, in order to  publicize their work or publish calls for information in the future. Network members are also invited to provide short reflections or blog posts. 


For more information about our activities, see our Events section. Some of our members’ profiles are available here. If you wish to join the network, please fill in the online form available on our submission page.


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